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Located in the heart of downtown Guelph, the Red Brick Cafe offers specialty coffee, craft beer, and live music.

About the cafe


The Red Brick Cafè was opened in 2006, and revitalized the Savage building (8 Douglas). The building that had fallen into disrepair was turned into Guelph’s most historic and trendy cafè.

What started as a modest coffee shop has evolved over more than a decade into a thriving all-day venue. While the cafe is busy during business hours, pouring hundreds of cups for the people of Guelph, things wind down in the evening with live music, craft beer on tap, VQA wine, and classic cocktails.



(519) 836-1126



8 Douglas Street,
Guelph, ON N1H 2S9



Mon 8a–5p
Tue-Thu 8a–9p
Fri 8a–11p
Sat 8a–5p
Sun 10a–5p

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almond milk and soy milk available at no extra charge


Add a shot to any drink for $4.00


Left to Right: Shelley Krieger, Aron Murch, Alanna Dakin

Left to Right: Shelley Krieger, Aron Murch, Alanna Dakin

Shelley Krieger: Owner


My name is Shelley; I’m the founder and owner of Red Brick! I have two favourite parts of my job: the awesome privilege of hiring people that become part of our Red Brick family, and knowing we've made someone's day just a bit better with a warm interaction, a delicious cappuccino or a fresh baked treat. When I’m not working, I’m either practicing yoga, dancing, meditating or studying therapeutic counseling. If you see me at the café, say hello!

Aron Murch: Marketing & Events


My name is Aron; I’m the Marketing and Events Manager for Red Brick. I’ve been working in advertising for over a decade and I’m excited to bring my skill and experience to the café. My favourite part of working here is getting to be a part of a Guelph landmark. When I’m not working at the cafe, I can be found attending ska shows or drawing on my tablet. Contact me for collaborations, private events, and public functions.

Alanna Dakin: Café Manager


My name is Alanna; I’m a seasoned veteran at Red Brick, with over a decade in the biz and several years at the cafe. My favourite part of working here as the Café Manager is leading the talented and friendly team that make up our Red Brick family... and drinking far too much espresso! When I’m not at the Red Brick, you can find me reading a book or attending the theater. Contact me for general cafe inquiries and supplier communications.

Lead Baristas

Brock Boonstra

My name is Brock and I’m a lead barista at Red Brick. My favourite part of working here is forming new friendships with the diverse citizens of downtown Guelph. When I’m not at the café , you can find me at a local show, either in the audience or on stage with my band, Habit.

Natalie Cowell

I’m a born and raised Guelphite and very happy to be living in Guelph after spending the last 6 years living in Banff and Thunder Bay. I’m also excited to have one more Guelph summer before heading to the University of British Columbia in the fall for my masters in environmental science! When I’m not slinging espresso at the café, you can find me mountain biking on the local trails. Hope to see you at the cafe soon!


My name is Miranda, and I am one of the lead baristas at Red Brick! It is such a pleasure to work at one of Guelph’s mosty famous cafés! My favourite part about being on the Red Brick team is connecting with all the incredible Guelphites who help make the café feel like home. When I’m not working at Red Brick, I am most likely drinking coffee and hanging out with my dog. If you ever see me at the café, be sure to say hello!

Want to join our team?

We post all open positions on indeed.com.


The Red Brick Café on Douglas opened in October 2006. Since then, we’ve hosted nine successful art shows each year. With over 500 customers per day, exposure is high and many art enthusiasts come regularly. Red Brick has developed a reputation for showcasing high quality art and competition for shows is robust. The café was designed specifically as a gallery and the space is ideal for exhibitions.


 “Showing my prints at Red Brick proved to be more lucrative than most gallery shows. The beautiful and extremely comfortable aesthetic allowed the many patrons of the cafe to really picture my art hanging in their own homes.” – Michelle Purchase

“I had my work at the Redbrick last spring and it was a pleasure to work with Shelley and to get some great Guelph exposure in her hopping cafe. The unique architecture shows paintings of all kinds very well, with the high ceilings, wood and niches complimenting a variety of work.” – Laurie Skantzos 

“For sheer foot traffic of art lovers but not necessarily the usual gallery-goers, a staff and owner who put the artist at the centre, and a beautiful venue in the downtown, the Red Brick can’t be beat.  Not just in Guelph but in the entire surrounding area.  I showed at the Red Brick two years ago and I’m still getting people around my studio who saw me there first.  My experience was amazing all around.” – Ivano Stocco

Past Artists

Lisa Filion, Agatha Fast, Andrea Bird, Kevin Ghiglione, Phil Irish, Michelle Leblanc, Gordon Leverton, Ryan Price, Michelle Purchase, Tammy Ratcliff, Don Russell, Laurie Skantzos, Ivano Stocco, Julia Veenstra, Tanya Zaryski, Gillian Wilson, Rachel Albano, Guelph Boarding House, Wolf Kohler, KIAM, Rea Kelly, Kerry Ross, Juliet Promnitz, Karin Silverstone

Want to display your artwork with us?

Read our Gallery Info and Contract Sheet
Contact us at gallery@redbrickcafe.ca


Live Music

Live music every friday night.

Past musicians include..

The Split, Gary Cain Band, Bronwen Olson, Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra, Mark Crissinger, The Lifers, Mountain of Wolves, Jaron Freeman Fox, Raine Hamilton, Vienna D’Amato Hall, Alex Mason, Dan Walsh, Erin Kay & Ken Stead, Roger Roger, Hot Jaws Quartet, Annie Sumi, Darling Cora, Oxford Blue, Christina Martin, Nick Johnston, Cuff the Duke, The Medicine Hat, Drew Rouse, Tear Away, Tusa, Jordan Faye, Sarah Felker, Jenie Thai, The Royal Streets, Andy Griffiths …And more!

To book contact Aron Murch – music@redbrickcafe.ca

  • Remuneration: $50 guarantee + $25 gift card for purchases any time. At this point we cannot accommodate more remuneration for larger groups.

  • Suggested donation: $5 or PWYC, we provide tip jar or use your own. Merch sales welcome and does very well at Red Brick. Range of tips have been $25-$150.

  • Styles: Blues, Jazz, Folk, Instrumental etc. Many work great. No Country, Hard Rock, Metal or Rap. We don’t do anything super loud.

  • Dates: Only book Wednesdays & Fridays. Community Events are Tuesdays + we offer the space at no cost to the organizers. See calendar.

  • Local or established: Local or established groups have a great time and make the most money. Out of town groups are a harder draw.

  • Equipment: Small PA system provided with 2 mics & stands & cables. Small setup for an intimate space. No sound tech but the room is acoustically built and easy to check. Staff usually not available to setup PA.

  • Promo: I will create facebook event and add you as a co-host. Add me as a Facebook friend 1st – Arthur Harkins. We also promote through local paper and our many social media accounts.

  • Bio & Media: Send me PDF posters for your event and we will print and post in cafe. We also require your bio & media photos for the event page.

  • Set times & Load in: Our shows run from 7:00pm sharp – 10:00pm nightly. If you want to start earlier that is okay but please play right to 10:00pm. Take breaks as you see fit. Load in after 6pm through front of cafe. Come in Cafe tell them you’re here and they’ll let you in side door.

  • Parking: We host ONLY ONE vehicle behind our cafe during shows. Park beside the back patio gate. Vehicles and equipment may not be kept on site overnight. 

Calendar – Red Brick Bookings

Want to play on our stage?

Check our Event Calendar for an opening.
Contact us at music@redbrickcafe.ca